July 25, 2017

The Colorado Dulcimer Orchestra

One of the joys of playing music is playing music with others.

For the past few years the Colorado Dulcimer Orchestra has been a featured performance of ensemble playing. Classical music tunes are specially arranged by Bonnie Carol, Judy Jones, and Steve Eulberg and then rehearsed and performed by Colorado and Wyoming dulcimists who are interested in playing in this style. Participants report that it’s gratifying to play in this style, some for the first time, and others playing the music they first learned on other instruments earlier in their musical lives.

Or just come to our performances during the Festival, and enjoy! Performance times will be listed in the Festival Schedule, when available.

Question: What’s the difference between participating in the Colorado Dulcimer Orchestra and the Band Scramble?
Answer: Although both activities are open to all attendees (regardless of skill level), there are some differences between the two:

  • The Colorado Dulcimer Orchestra consists of musicians who select specific music to be performed, and rehearse the music in the weeks leading up to the Festival. Sheet music for the 3-4 songs to be performed is available to participants before the Festival to practice on their own, and group practices may be held virtually before the Festival and/or in person during the Festival.
  • The Band Scramble is completely ad hoc, with attendees signing up at the door during the Festival. Participants are assigned to specific groups. Group members themselves select the music (1 song) to be performed, and there are times allotted for practice during the Festival schedule. And anything goes! For example, ANY instrument is welcome, costumes may be worn, and the mood is playful.

Mouret’s Rondeau

Pachelbel’s Kanon in D

Vivaldi’s “Winter”

Vivaldi’s “Spring”