November 22, 2019

Jam Sessions

Jams are a fun and important part of the Festival experience. All participants from beginner through advanced players are welcome to attend the Open Jam Sessions on Friday and Saturday.

And don’t miss the Jam Session Friday night featuring our concert performers.

Sheet music for commonly-played jam tunes, as well as guidelines, and other jamming resources can be found on our Jam Tunes & Resources page.

Practicing for the jam session?  Have fun – we’re not talking “performance ready”—just “Jam ready.” Get “good enough” that you can play a few tunes with other people, but without music.

The Jams will be conducted in the true oral tradition spirit—without written music—and your teacher will help you play the tunes you know, learn the tunes in the context of the Jam, or play chords when you don’t know the tune. It’s a different way of playing than with music, very freeing, and we’re thrilled to be passing these skills along to you.

Bring your instruments and your adventurous spirit, a few songs to suggest, and Voila! Instant jam!