November 22, 2019

Workshop Schedules

Two detailed schedules are provided to help you select which workshops to attend:  one for Hammered Dulcimer (HD), and one for Mountain Dulcimer (MD).

Note:  These .PDF’s will be included in your registration packet available as you check-in.

Each of these is in the form of a grid that lists time blocks, which workshops are available for each time block, and the room name or number in which the workshop will be held. The workshops are further color coded by skill level:  Red = Absolute BeginnerBlue = Beginner, Green = Intermediate, Black = Advanced.  Other available workshops, for example, Bodhran, Guitar, etc. are also listed, when available.

A venue map is provided at the Festival to help you find your way, but you can always ask a Festival volunteer to steer you in the right direction.