November 22, 2019

The Colorado Dulcimer Orchestra

Fall is coming and, once again, it’s time to begin planning for the February Dulcimer Festival Orchestra performance!

If you plan to attend the festival in February, I’d like to invite you to join us in playing multi-part music in a concert setting during the festival.

If you have been thinking about joining but have hesitated, believing that the music is too difficult and/or you are not advanced enough, this is the year for you to try it.  We will be playing three easy-to-learn pieces and will give you special help if needed to get you there!  To help you decide, you should be an intermediate player, having played three+ years and able to read music or learn by listening on your own.

We need both hammered dulcimer and mountain dulcimer players and typically  two or three people will be playing the same part.  We will provide the sheet music and a downloadable music file or CD for you to hear your part and play along with it.  There is a $10 fee to help defray these costs.  Group practice sessions take place several times a month on weekends with dates determined by Doodle Poll.  Members are encouraged to come as often as they can; you do not need to come to all the practices.

What are we playing this year? We’ll begin with Steve Eulberg’s arrangement of All Through the Night, a Welsh lullaby directed by Steve.  Next, an old English dance titled All in a Garden Green.  Finally, in remembrance of Beethoven’s 250th birthday, Judy Jones’ arrangement of Ode to Joy, with audience members filling in as the chorus.

If this is your year to try something new, come join our seasoned core group.  Once you have contacted Judy Jones, this years Orchestra Conductor, we will set up practice dates, assign parts, and send out the sheet music and music files or CD’s.

Every part is important.  Let’s have fun making beautiful music together!

Contact Judy Jones, our 2020 Orchestra Conductor:  CDF Orchestra Conductor

Previous years performances:

Mouret’s Rondeau

Pachelbel’s Kanon in D

Vivaldi’s “Winter”

Vivaldi’s “Spring”