November 22, 2019

Past, Present, and Future

The Past . . .

The Colorado Dulcimer Festival was founded by Coloradan musician extraordinaire Steve Eulberg based on a simple realization: “I saw a need.” He saw that there was no regular event gathering dulcimer players between Canada and Mexico, Kansas City and California. So, using his own funds, he organized and held the first Colorado Dulcimer Festival.

In the 10 years after that, he almost singlehandedly organized the Festival—always on the basis of his original goals: “I wanted to help expose local players to the gifts of some excellent outside teachers/performers, and I wanted to celebrate the gifts of local excellent teachers/performers, as well as raise up and equip another generation of local Rocky Mountain dulcimer players.”

After 11 years of the Festival, it was easy to see that his goals had been met, and then some.

But as of 2014, Steve stepped aside to pursue other music opportunities. In his words: “ . . . it’s time for me to focus on re-awakening the creative opportunities and following the muses more closely.”

He left very big footsteps to fill!

Present and Future . . .

To fill the big footsteps left by Steve Eulberg, a group of Colorado Dulcimer players and Festival devotees stepped up to the plate and formed a core team referred to as “The Crew.”

This core team, the Crew, formed the Colorado Dulcimer Festival as a tax exempt, non-profit corporation, and also now organize all facets of the Festival in the spirit and excellence of Steve’s past stewardship. Members of the Crew meet once a month throughout the year, each accepting various assignments and carrying them out with dedication and diligence—often successfully completing tasks way outside of their usual purview.

We’ve had some growing pains here and there. But starting under Steve’s mentorship and now with several successful Festivals under out belts, everything has come together.

We’ll provide a photo of the Crew sometime when we’re all together in one place at one time—maybe at the Festival in February? But in the meantime, this is the Crew being lovingly mentored by Steve:

Fotosearch_k13366547 birds

And until February, we of the Crew each have our To Do list to complete!

“Thanks, Steve!”

We want to take this opportunity to pay tribute and express our deep gratitude to Steve Eulberg—nationally and internationally respected Colorado musician, esteemed Festival founder, and beloved mentor to the Festival Crew of the newly-formed Colorado Dulcimer Festival, LLC.

Over 10 years ago, Steve founded the Colorado Dulcimer Festival even as he juggled his other many endeavors. He’s the kind of person perfectly described by the old adage “If you want something done, ask a busy person.”

Although he had some help from friends in the Colorado Dulcimer community, the Festival was entirely his vision. And now, more than a decade later, Dulcimer players throughout Colorado are playing music together, learning a year’s worth of lessons in one cold February weekend each year, and hearing some of the best playing in the country from the local and international staff—all this because Steve had an idea and stuck with it.

During the Festival, Steve is always available. If you need help in a jam session, or have a question about anything, he is kind and respectful in his response—even when it’s maybe a dumb question.  He’s the Energizer Bunny—always on the move.  And he pushes you beyond where you think you are musically in such a gentle way that all of a sudden, you’re doing what you didn’t think you could do.  According to our own Bonnie Carol, “As a teacher and player, it’s been especially gratifying to see the development and maturation of the Colorado players due to the opportunities we get through the festival.”

Performer, composer, teacher, recording producer, and Owl Mountain Music proprietor, multi-instrumentalist Steve continues to gift us with “thought-provoking, smile-inducing, and toe-tapping music.” And with lots of inspiration.

So to Steve Eulberg:

As the lucky beneficiaries of all your hard work, your music, and your warm and caring personality, we say a hearty “Thanks, Steve!”

For everything.


Read more about Steve on the Owl Mountain Music website at