December 15, 2018

Registration Info

When registration opens (September 1st), to register simply click on the green “Register Now” button located in the right sidebar of every page in this website.

You can use the Festival Registration Form to do the following:

  • register for one or both Festival days
  • purchase additional concert tickets
  • reserve a rental instrument
  • reserve on-site meals

NOTE: Festival logo merchandise (such as mugs, t-shirts, and tote bags) will be for sale on-site at the Festival on a first-come, first-served basis. All Festival merchandise will have our colorful “mountain” logo:

Colorado Dulcimer Festival

After completing the form, you Press the Submit button and can then pay through PayPal or send a check:

  • If you’re paying by PayPal, after you click on the Registration Form’s Submit button, you’ll be transferred to PayPal to authorize payment—either through your existing PayPal account or as a one-time credit card payment. When you authorize payment, PayPal will send you back to our website for a confirmation message. Lastly, you’ll then receive an email from PayPal confirming your payment, and an email from us confirming your registration information.
  • If you prefer to pay by check, after you click on the Registration Form’s Submit button, you’ll receive a confirmation message and then an email from us containing all of your registration information. Please check the information in the email and, if correct, print out the email and mail the printout with your check to the following address (also listed in the email):

Colorado Dulcimer Festival, LLC
4107 Waynesboro Ct.
Ft. Collins, CO  80525

Your registration fee includes the following:

Question: Want to participate in the Colorado Dulcimer Orchestra

  • The Colorado Dulcimer Orchestra consists of musicians (Festival attendees) who select specific music to be performed, and rehearse the music in the weeks leading up to the Festival. Sheet music for the 3-4 songs to be performed is available to participants before the Festival to practice on their own, and group practices may be held virtually before the Festival and/or in person during the Festival.


The following are your Festival-related costs for items on the Registration Form. Other costs, like lodging and Pre-Festival Classes, are paid separately and are not included on the Registration Form or in the following list.

And remember to save some $$ to purchase artists’ CDs and other products during the Festival!

Registration fee

Early Bird (9/1 – 12/15/2018, midnight): $110
Advance (12/16/2018 – 1/22/2019, midnight): $130
At the door (after 1/22/2019): $140
1 day only: $70
1 workshop only: $40


Lunch (per day): $14.50
Dinner (per day): $17

Additional Concert Tickets

Adult: $15
Student or child: $10

Instrument Rental

$30 for both days